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Empowering Indu​​​​​​​stries, Enriching Lives

At Kimia Holding, our core values of courage, persistence, and responsibility guide every aspect of our journey. These principles have been the cornerstone of our success, paving the way for advancements in mining and mineral resources, tourism services, livestock and poultry, agriculture, and foreign trade. We are dedicated to creating a meaningful impact and fostering a better future through sustainable practices and innovative solutions. 

Our mission is to drive positive change, improve livelihoods, and promote economic growth. With a strong emphasis on environmental stewardship and social responsibility, we aim to build a prosperous and sustainable future. Join us in making a significant difference, driven by the values that define us and our commitment to excellence.

Kimia Holding's subsidiary companies

Meet Kimia Holding's
​​​​​​​Subsidiary Companies

Discover the strength and diversity of Kimia Holding through our subsidiary companies. Each of these entities is a beacon of excellence in its respective industry, collectively contributing to our reputation as a multi-faceted and forward-thinking organization. From mining and mineral resources to aviation and tourism services, livestock and poultry, agriculture and foreign trade, our subsidiaries encompass a broad spectrum of sectors. Gain an understanding of these subsidiaries each with their distinct achievements and contributions, as we continue to shape industries and create value on both national and international levels.




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Our Vision for Sustainability and Economic Growth

At Kimia Holding, sustainability is not just a concept; it is the core of our mission. We believe that participating in Iran's economic development through investment and entrepreneurship is both profitable and valuable, particularly in the vibrant region of Isfahan and the western areas of our country. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond environmental practices. We're dedicated to fostering economic growth, job creation, and prosperity in these regions. In addition to our local efforts, we're actively engaged in international trade, bringing our local resources and expertise to the global market. Discover how we leverage our core values to drive sustainable investment, entrepreneurship, and international trade that not only benefits our organization but also enriches the lives of the communities we serve. Join us in shaping a sustainable prosperous future in the heart of Iran and beyond.​​​​​​​

Felez Tadarok
Esfahan Steel Company
Khouzestan steel company
Khorasan Steel Company
Mobarakeh Steel Company

Kimia Holding's

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kimia background

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